​​​Structure and Governance

KIA believes that its structure and governance, which are established by law, represent a high standard of excellence and accountability. KIA is an independent public authority managed by its Board of Directors.
In 2014, KIA undertook a comprehensive review of its strategy in order to align itself with industry best practices in all aspects of asset and investment management. During this review, the consultants undertaking the study found that KIA had one of the best corporate governance structures within its peer group and within the industry as a whole.

KIA's performance and risk management systems are the responsibility of KIA's Risk and Performance Unit, which reports directly to the Managing Director. The Risk and Performance Unit is responsible for conducting performance and risk analysis, identifying and communicating performance and risk issues to senior management, developing an understanding of performance and risk within KIA's investment sectors, and investigating data irregularities. KIA's performance and risk management systems are the subject of review by the two independent accounting firms that audit KIA. KIA has also engaged a leading global risk and performance service provider to assist KIA with this vital task. ​