KIO, which is mainly geared towards investment management, is the Office of the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) in the city of London, one of the world's leading financial centers. The London's advantageous location gives KIO's staff access to financial institutions, markets, and relevant investment experts.  A diverse range of people work at KIO.

KIO manages funds, on behalf of the State of Kuwait, which are beneficially and wholly-owned by the State.  The State of Kuwait had been transferring minimum of 10% of all revenue, annually, into the Future Generations Fund (FGF). The FGF is managed under the overall responsibility of KIA which is an independent public authority which was set up in June 1982.

In recent years, in addition to ensuring good investment performance in the traditional asset classes, the KIO has regularly reviewed the scope of the investment universe; where the KIO has made a major effort to ensure that the supporting business infrastructure operates with maximum efficiency.

Kuwait's economic ties with Britain dates back to the nineteenth century, the era of the East India Company. The KIO has cultivated a strong business relationship with the Lord Mayor of the City of London to promote the economic ties between the City of London and the State of Kuwait.​