​​Strategy and Planning

The Strategy and Planning Department's goal is to add value to KIA by identifying and disseminating information on economic and investment trends, asset classes and market behaviors so as to enable KIA to achieve its Strategic Asset Allocation and investment objectives. The responsibilities of the Strategy and Planning Department include setting KlA's long term strategy over a five year horizon with a review every three years and coordinating the development of the overall KIA unified business plan. Additionally the Strategy and Planning is expected to accurately forecast FGF and GRF cash flows on a monthly basis. The department provides macroeconomic analysis to assist the GRF and FGF Investment Committees.

The activities of the Strategy and Planning Department include monitoring the latest external developments in Tactical Asset Allocation best practice so that at a point when KIA is ready to modify its Tactical Asset Allocation, the Department can play a core role. Additionally, the Department communicates significant trends and occurrences to the relevant KIA Sectors either directly or via regular reports and uses economic analysis to provide advice to the GRF and FGF Investment Committees.​