The Equities Department is responsible for the public equity market mandates for the Marketable Securities Department of the FGF where the assets are spread across the world (ex MENA).​

The Equities Department is further grouped into four Divisions – North American, European, Asian and Emerging Markets. These sections are headed by a Division Manager who reports to the Director of Equities.

The allocation of funds to the Department is based on the organization wide asset allocation (tactical & strategic are undertaken at periodic intervals). These Division allocate the funds to various long only External Fund Managers based on stringent guidelines and criterion.

The Division managers have allocated funds into various styles and strategies within their regions to increase alpha. Currently, the Divisions are investing in Passive strategies, Research Enhanced Index strategies and many kinds of active strategies. A small component of Direct Investments (direct holdings in publicly listed) companies is also undertaken periodically.

The mission of the allocation to the public market equity assets is to grow the fund in real terms over the long term. All the assets are handled by the KIA appointed custodians.