​​​Real Estate


Real Estate Department is responsible for investing in Real Estate globally through externally managed funds in a diversified portfolio of Private/Non-listed Real Estate and Infrastructure related investments. The Department geographically targets investments in the Americas, Asia, Europe & Australia.

The Real Estate team oversees the management of significant funds with experienced fund managers globally across all fund strategies (i.e., core, core-plus, value-Added, and opportunistic). The Real Estate team are responsible for investing in private real estate and infrastructure funds with  a target equity size of at least US $ 1 billion. Moreover, a third party manager has been appointed on a discretionary basis to invest in real estate and infrastructure funds with target equity size of US$1billion or less.

"The department also invest in direct real estate properties through KIA'S wholly - owned subsidiary companies around the world"

The Department also invests on a selective basis in Joint Venture, Development Mandates & other investment instruments.